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  1. Send a Global Broadcast Message

    Recently an Account merge was done where the new name was completely different than the original e.g. America's Best Contacts was merged into "National Vision, Inc". Only Corporate knew about this, and this caused several AE's to notify me that "America's Best Contacts" was missing.

    It would be great if there was a "Broadcast Message" pod within Matrix that would list any "IMPORTANT" notices to all the Managers. Even have a bubble show, like it does for Lead Approval. Anything that would cause the Manager to view the notice.

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    This sounds like a great case for our new Alert Engine! Imagine, if you will, having the ability to know when one of your Accounts was renamed, merged, or grouped in the last 7 days or so.

    I’m going to pass this along to our development team for review to make sure that we plan for a case like this in our backlog of future development.

    Thank you!

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